Paperless payroll 

Paperless payroll 

Marianne Smith June 27, 2020

Paperless payroll and direct deposit offers businesses many benefits, including payroll costs savings and more environmental friendly operations.

According to assessments by Tinucci Associates, NACHA, and the American Payroll Association paper pay check processing costs range between $2.40 and $10.00. Depending on the size of your company this can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year. If you wonder how direct deposit lowers payroll and processing costs, consider the following:

  • Staff time for payroll check printing and distribution
  • Packaging and shipping expenses to multiple locations
  • Stop payment charges and check replacement charges
  • Check re issuances due to processing errors
  • Employee lost time because of check cashing errands
  • Time and bank fees associated with account reconciliation
  • Costs associated with final payments for terminated employees

Additionally, if an employee cannot cash their paycheck without paying a fee, the employer may be in violation of state law and face significant penalties and fines. We designed green payroll solutions to benefit both employees and employers equally, to gain maximum utilization and participation in our green payroll program.

Our green payroll solution offers your company and employees a convenient, dependable, low-cost alternative to paper payroll checks. We deliver flexible and sustainable paperless payroll solutions to the relive burdensome paper-based payroll process. Our program is a guarantee payroll card issue, regardless of credit or banking status, giving 100% of your employees a safe, dependable, and cost effective way to manage money. Our green payroll solutions may also offers companies worldwide acceptance, thereby reducing or eliminating foreign bank transfer fees and money transfers.

In addition to cost savings, paperless payroll is also an environmentally friendly business process. For example, a paper check creates a significant amount of resources consumption between paper, fuel, green house gas, and other natural resources. More details!

Our staff also provides expertise and knowledgeable support with both federal and state direct deposit payroll laws. We provide your organization with tools and literature to maximize direct deposit and payroll card participation among your employees. Additionally, your company may qualify for special card holder enrollment incentives.

Custom Payroll Card

private label payroll card and custom branded pay cards provides essential marketing opportunities for an organization by placing your company logo and artwork on a private label pay card with the Visa logo. Our streamlined private label pay card branding process lets your organization promote it’s brand by linking a dependable low cost consumer banking product to your payroll process and your corporate brand.

Our custom pay card branding also offers a company a complete private label card web site and telephone banking for employees which includes online bill pay, real time money transfers to friends and family, balance inquiries, transaction history, monthly statements, and mobile text alerts. Employee family members may also obtain their own custom private label debit card with your organizational logo.

Our private label branded debit card is supported by one of the largest card processing companies in the world. Our online banking technology is Reg-E compliant and secure, while financial transactions are managed by one of the largest FDIC insured e-commerce banks in the US.

Our custom debit card branding process is simple for any organization:

  • Logo artwork submittal for your branded debit card
  • Proof approval
  • Private label payroll card printing & distribution
  • Card holders activate card and start receiving direct deposit payroll

The goal of our private label pay card solution is to provide a cost effective and secure method of distributing payroll while providing valuable financial management tools to employees and marketing opportunities to organizations. Find out more at